PLEASE NOTE:  Due to current circumstances with the Covid-19 situation, our summer 2021 program will be run as a remote program for the summer as a zoom webinar series.  Please read through this entire page before registering.


REGISTRATION BEGINS ON MARCH 1st, 2021 (Monday, 9am):

The Stanford EXPLORE Lecture Series is open to high school students (currently in 9th-12th grade at the time of registration) and must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents CURRENTLY LIVING in the U.S.  Students who would like to register for the series need to sign up for all 3 weeks (please follow the steps below).  If there are any issues with the registration, students will be contacted within a week.  In terms of academic preparedness, we expect all students to have taken at least one year of high school biology and generally have As/Bs for all science classes on their transcript.   The online registration begins on March 1st, 2021 (9am) on our website and will continue until all slots are filled. When the slots are filled, this will be noted on our website.

SUMMER 2021 PLANS:  We are planning to have a virtual zoom webinar program for the summer of 2021 for 3 weeks (July 12-July 30th, 2021; 9am-12pm).  Webinars do not allow for student video/audio so questions during lectures will be submitted through the Q &A feature on zoom.

  • July 12-16 Immunology/Neuroscience
  • July 19-23 Stem Cell/Cancer
  • July 26-30 Bioinformatics/Bioengineering
  • The fee is $1000 for the 3 week program.




1) ONLINE REGISTRATION- Registration will open on MARCH 1st, 2021 (at 9am PST).  Please click on this Slideroom Registration link to create a Slideroom account.

  • Transcript- For the online registration through Slideroom, you will need to upload a copy of your high school transcript on the registration portal so please have this ready to upload. Please make sure your full name and school name is on the transcript or report card (and please make sure it includes all grades from 9th grade and on). 
  • Brief essay- On the registration, you will also need to answer a short paragraph (a few sentences) on why you want to participate in the Explore series.  The registration will be on a first come, first served basis.  Many of the lectures will be at a high level so we strongly encourage students to have sufficient preparation in the sciences demonstrated by mostly As and Bs in their science courses and taking at least one year of high school biology before the program.
  • Once you submit the Slideroom program registration form and payment form, you will receive a confirmation email within a couple days confirming your spot. We will also email additional information to you in mid-June regarding other program details.


2) PAYMENT-  Please click on this payment site link to make the credit card payment which will be available starting March 1st.  The fee for the program is $1000 for the 3-week morning program.  We will only be able to accept credit card payments this year.  Please note: once a payment is made there will be no refunds for any cancellations so please be sure you would like to participate before registering/paying.


3) CONSENT FORM-  For the participants in the program, there will be an electronic consent form sent to parents about 3 weeks (around mid-June) before the program start date.  This must be filled out in order for students to participate.